Acquainted with Sorrow and Grief

As Christians we have the amazing opportunity to know different facets of God. We have the great privilege to seek Him out and allow him to reveal different parts of Himself to us. One of the most impacting truths I have learned is the reality that God Himself came as a man. He came and clothed himself in our very skin. He took on our very nature. The God who’s very word was enough to create light, came as a baby who had to cry to be fed and had to learn how to speak. Of course, I knew this from simply being a Christian, but once I understood this… it changed everything.

Being a weak, broken human, the concept that God actually understood the workings of my heart because He experienced them Himself has brought a comfort and a friendship with the Lord that I never thought possible. Not just the feeling of being understood, but the depth of love God felt for His creation that He went through such lengths to win the heart of an ever-wandering bride. What other God would do this? Would step down off His throne, leave His home and the adoration of angels, to live in a world full of sin and sorrow? No other God would do this, no other God would forsake their deity to become the least of these. Yet, Our God did and Isaiah 53 displays this in a way that causes me to weep every time I shut out the world and truly read the words on this page.

53:2 “…He had no form of majesty that we should look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him.”

Let’s remember here… THIS IS GOD. In both the new and old testament it talks about what is going on in heaven. There is no question about the amount of worship that happens. In Revelation it talks about 4 living creatures, 24 elders and a host of angels devoted to night and day worship. They look upon Him and they shout HOLY, and there is no doubt to His beauty and His worth. Yet, God forsook the adoration of heaven for the rejection of men. No majesty due to him, no beauty that we would even give a second glance. The most beautiful man came as plain. Let’s be real for a second. If I was Jesus and I was coming to Earth, I would come as FABULOUS! If I am creating a human body for myself that I am going to have FOREVER.. you better believe it would be one that is outrageously beautiful. Yet, Jesus comes as a man in whom we wouldn’t even give a second glance. We wouldn’t look and think King, rightful heir to all things, and worthy of my worship. We wouldn’t think Savior, powerful, and glorious. We wouldn’t have even given him a thought. Such humility was put on display! God never demands anything from us. He doesn’t walk onto the scene and demand to be loved and seen. But He came in meekness, lowliness, demanding nothing but giving everything.

53:3 “He was despised and rejected by men, a man acquainted with grief; as one whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not.”

Again, the God of creation, full of love and kindness, full of mercy and truth. The God of power but tender and good was rejected by men. The God who had a home in heaven, and is perfectly content within Himself. The three in one- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Before the Earth ever was, before the creation of man.. they loved in perfect joyous harmony with one another. They had no lack… they HAVE no lack. But are full of love and joy within each others company. Oh the joy of heaven and the companionship that dwelt there. Yet, when Jesus leaves His home and the nearness of the Father, He entered a world in which He felt the rejection of men and lived as an outcast. Again, He was FULLY God, and FULLY man. These were people that he loved fiercely. The lost sheep of Israel. They were the reason He was there. The rejection of men was not just rejection by strangers.. which hurts anyways. But it was rejection by people he deeply loved and cared for and would eventually die for. He was acquainted with the company of grief, and sorrow was a constant friend. Do we understand what this means? That feeling, that ache you feel, the sorrow would go away, that pain in your chest, the rejection you’ve experienced that leaves you bleeding… He has felt.  He is a God who understands loss! Jesus lost John the Baptist, He had lost Lazarus for a moment… and you know what He did… He wept! Jesus didn’t just cry, but wept and sobbed, and shed real tears and real snot! He felt that feeling you feel. If this doesn’t blow your mind… then you need to read it again. The God of glory cried very real tears and felt very real sadness.

You can imagine the great love and relief I feel when I think about these things. For someone who has a sad heart and to whom tears are a frequent visitor, to comprehend that the God of Heaven, my Savior Jesus, is more than able to understand the sorrow in my heart for He’s experienced them, is a game changer in my relationship with Him. He’s felt them.. and he remembers with REAL memories from His life, what it feels like and I am undone.

“He borne our griefs and carried our sorrows, yet we esteem him stricken, smitten by God and afflicted….”

Oh, what love. Oh, what kindness. Oh, what humility. What beauty! What a privileged to know God. To be loved by Him, to be understood. When I think about these verses.. it only melts my cold heart into joyous worship. It moves me to thanksgiving, despite what I feel in life, or in myself. When I think and reflect on these things, it truly turns my heart to Him.

My prayer today, is that you would love Him and you would feel His love for you. I pray that you would feel understood and that feeling would turn your heart to praise. I pray that Isaiah 53 would turn your heart to worship with a new understanding of Him and His great beauty.



Acquainted with Sorrow and Grief