The Memoirs Meaning


For my first blog post, I figured I should explain to you where it’s name came from, and what it means to me. Oddly enough the name actually came from an ex of mine. I dated this guy for a few years in high school, and like most high school relationships, ours ended. It didn’t end in the best ways, I pretty much hated the guy for a few years, but per usual, time passed, hearts healed, and now we’re friends. He came up with this as a “play on my name, about how I travel, and my go with the flow personality. Describing my ability to make the best of whatever happens to me.” That’s how he came up with the name, but here is why it inspired me.

I don’t know quite why it is, but It seems I can never stay in one place. It’s like I was born a sojourner, marked with a pilgrims lot, and branded a missionary’s heart. Stuck in constant state of restlessness. My mom always tells me, I came out of the womb running with a suitcase in hand.  This has always been my life, following the wind, throwing myself into whatever place I land. I look at how the dandelion seed plants wherever the wind drops it, grows roots, sprouts sunshine, then dries itself out to become a dozen wishes. It’s very nature is to adapt. Whether in a meadow with a thousand of it’s friends, or in an inner city sidewalk crack… it grows, it plants, it adapts.

I don’t know, there just something so poetic about dandelions, and I can’t help but personify them. I am a dandelion seed.. a weed… a flower…a wish…who knows. Like they say… it’s in the eye of the beholder. But nonetheless, these are the memoirs of a dandelion seed.



The Memoirs Meaning