So why did I start a blog? If you want me to be honest, I think it’s more for myself than for any one else. To have an outlet for all the things constantly bouncing around in my head. To provide a way of processing life. My mind is made up of music lyrics, quotes, bible verses and chaos. It seems like my mind never stops, and neither does life, and because I like to write in my journal I thought, why not make it public?

Why would I want to do that? Well… because maybe some where out there is someone like me. Someone who needs a person who understands, is in the trenches fighting the battle with them, someone real about life and it’s hardships, and someone they relate to.  I want to be that person. I want my blog to be that place. Where I can share everything from the things I’ve struggled with, lyrics that have been my anchor, discoveries I’m making in my walk with the Lord, and maybe just some rants to make you giggle.

So what can you expect from  my content? Well… everything! Life lessons, deep thoughts, posts on my struggle with depression, life on my fitness… and lack there of, my journey with the Lord, stories from my life, funny rants, lots of song lyrics, reviews on make up and things I have tried.. and how I have embarrassingly failed at things I’ve tried from the internet. (I’m talking about you  Pinterest) But mostly you’ll find honesty, and 100% realness…. you’ll find me … and maybe I will too.