The Power of Love

Love is something that is hard to define, and comes in many forms. The love of a parent, the love of a friend, the love of a child, and the love from a significant other. None of which can be seen, all in which can be felt. The affect that love has on the soul of mankind is pure magic.

When someone is in love, it’s like they are awakened from a slumber they didn’t even know they were in. Their senses become alive, while past anxiety seems to quiet. They breathe a little easier and sing a little louder; they transform right before our eyes. Look into the eyes of someone who’s heart has been broken, and you’ll see the affect that love has had on them. Like something has been ripped from their very soul, leaving them more awake and aware than they want to be of the lack they are feeling. Love, is a powerful thing.

There is healing in the love of others, in the safety of friendship. When a friend reaches out in your time of need, in a time of deep brokenness and lack, it is their love that nurses our wounds and brings us back to wholeness. Their commitment to us gives us the security we long for, it gives us the feeling of safety, in which then gives us the freedom to do mrore than just survive, but to thrive. That is the power of love.

A love of a mother that is tender and kind, unrelenting and pure. It’s that love that says you’re more than your mistakes, your failures, and lack. It’s the love of a mother that allows us to grow and learn; to become. Then, when we fall and fail, it allows us to cry, putting our hearts at ease and giving us the courage to try again.

The love of a father makes us believe that we have value. That there is worth in our lives, in our being. A love that comes in a form of protection, that scares away the monsters that hide under our bed, that makes us believe that under their watchful eye… no harm can come to us. It’s the love of a father that bears our pain with us, cries with us, rejoices in our success, and whose pride makes us believe in our own value and capability.

Love. is. a. Powerful. Thing.

And without it… we experience the lack in every area of our lives and we feel it in every crevas of our being. It leaves us with a gaping hole, we frantically try to fill with mocks and fakes of the real thing. I’ve lived in the lack in more ways than one, but I’ve experienced love from friends, teammates, and a family that isn’t blood. And I’ve watched myself go from broken to strong, wounded to healed, and from feeling unworthy to seeing value in myself and believing again, that I am worth the fight. I’ve experienced the extremes of love and the extremes of lack, and I’ve only come to realized love is the only necessity of life.

I believe that we were made from love, for love. There is an ache and a lack that we may always feel, because things aren’t as they should be, and until He comes and makes things right again, we live with a gap. Yes, there is a measure of God’s love that we can experience now, but oh, the fullness to come at a trumpets sound. I also believe that we mirror aspects of God’s personality and traits of love. His proud eyes, His tender touch, His safety, and His deep love that awakes our senses and causes us to transform. Lovers, mothers, friends, and fathers, we mirror that love to those around us. 

So lets love one another into wholeness. Let’s love more, and allow ourselves to be loved. In our brokenness and lack, let’s love, for it changes everything.

The Power of Love

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